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Shane Smith DDS Blog

Why Is the Health of Your Gums so Important?

September 24, 2022

Posted By: Shane Smith @ 3:09 am
Closeup of woman pointing to her gums

When it comes to brushing, flossing, and oral hygiene in general, the attention is often focused on one thing: your teeth. Actually, your gums are equally as important. Healthy gums keep your teeth in place and act as a shock absorber to protect the roots. On the other hand, if they are compromised due to a condition like gum disease, the harmful bacteria can wreak havoc on your oral and general health. Read on to learn more about gum health, how to take care of your gums, and how your dentist in Jonesboro can help!


Emphasizing the Importance of Enamel and How to Protect It

September 4, 2022

Posted By: Shane Smith @ 3:03 am
closeup of tooth enamel

Humans are often advised to chew a bite of food approximately 32 times before swallowing. That can bump up to 40 times for steak and nuts, or down to 10 for watermelon, but the bottom line is your teeth will be called upon millions and millions of times to chew your food throughout your life. That is asking a lot of your teeth, and specifically, it is putting stress on your enamel. The tough outer layer of a tooth that is the hardest substance in the human body, the enamel is still vulnerable to wear and tear over time. Read on to learn from your dentist in Jonesboro how tooth enamel can be damaged, as well as how to prevent enamel erosion and even repair it.


3 Reasons You Won’t Regret Getting a Root Canal

August 2, 2022

Posted By: Shane Smith @ 11:11 pm
Woman giving a thumb’s up at the dentist’s office.

If your dentist has recently told you that you’re going to need a root canal, you might have a few concerns. But in reality, you have absolutely nothing to worry about—despite any of the negative things you might’ve heard about root canals, they’re actually quite useful when it comes to treating compromised teeth. Here are three reasons why you absolutely won’t regret undergoing root canal therapy.


The “Veneers Check”—An Alarming TikTok Trend

May 8, 2022

Posted By: Shane Smith @ 4:42 pm
teenagers looking at their phones in Jonesboro

TikTok is one of the most popular mobile apps out there. While you can find plenty of entertaining videos, some of them can be alarming and unsafe. Certain types of clips can be especially harmful to your dental well-being, such as the “veneers check.” Keep reading to learn about this dangerous dental trend and why it’s important to consult a dentist before any cosmetic treatments.


5 Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

April 5, 2022

Posted By: Shane Smith @ 3:41 am
person with porcelain veneers smiling

When you see your smile in photos or in the mirror when you’re performing your oral hygiene routine, do you like what you see? Cosmetic issues can make your smile look less healthy than it once did and may also keep you from feeling confident in your pearly whites. Fortunately, porcelain veneers may be the solution you’re looking for. If you’re considering undergoing this cosmetic procedure, keep reading to learn about five of the most noteworthy benefits of porcelain veneers.


Famous Faces That Used SureSmile to Achieve Their Picture-Perfect Smile

March 2, 2022

Posted By: Shane Smith @ 10:17 pm
Celebrity facing cameras and paparazzi.

If you’re embarrassed by your crooked teeth, you aren’t alone! Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, so wanting yours to look its absolute best is reasonable—and also possible, thanks to solutions like SureSmile. That said, you might be a little unsure about what this solution can do for you. Keep reading to learn more about SureSmile and some of the famous faces who’ve used it to enhance their own smile.

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