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3 Reasons You Won’t Regret Getting a Root Canal

August 2, 2022

Posted By: Shane Smith @ 11:11 pm
Woman giving a thumb’s up at the dentist’s office.

If your dentist has recently told you that you’re going to need a root canal, you might have a few concerns. But in reality, you have absolutely nothing to worry about—despite any of the negative things you might’ve heard about root canals, they’re actually quite useful when it comes to treating compromised teeth. Here are three reasons why you absolutely won’t regret undergoing root canal therapy.

1. It’s Not as Painful As You Think

By definition, a root canal sounds like it’d be pretty painful; after all, your dentist is doing quite a bit of work to the affected tooth! Not to mention that movies and television shows have painted root canals as terrifying dental procedures. But a root canal isn’t painful at all, and it often provides a great deal of pain relief! Your mouth is numbed for the entirety of the procedure, and most patients say it’s no more uncomfortable than getting a filling. While you may experience some soreness after the numbness wears off, it’s typically mild and only lasts for a few days—you’ll be back to eating and drinking without pain in no time at all.

2. It Gives Your Tooth a Fighting Chance

A root canal is necessary when the soft pulp inside of your tooth becomes infected, inflamed, and diseased. The resulting cavity that forms can expand into the nerve of the tooth and cause you a lot of pain. Eventually, the tooth becomes so damaged that something must be done—a root canal allows your dentist to clear the infected pulp from the inside of the tooth and seal it back up to prevent further infection. This means that your tooth can technically be salvaged and remain inside of your mouth!

3. The Alternative Is Worse

If your tooth infection becomes too severe for root canal therapy, there are other means of treating the situation, though a root canal is usually the preferred option. If the infection has led to something severe like an abscessed tooth, sometimes a tooth extraction must be performed—in which the tooth must also be replaced to stave off any other potential oral health issues. Not to mention, prolonging root canal treatment can also be quite painful and debilitating!

Root canal therapy has an unfair reputation; the procedure is relatively painless, straightforward, and gives your tooth a second chance. If your dentist has informed you that it can help your situation, it’s definitely something that you won’t regret.

About the Author

Dr. Shane Smith has proudly served patients and families in the Jonesboro, AR area for several years. Dr. Smith received his dental doctorate from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and has taken countless hours of continuing education in a wide variety of fields. His practice is pleased to offer many available services including root canal therapy. If you have any questions or concerns about root canal therapy or would like to schedule a visit, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Smith’s practice through their website or by phone: (870) 932-2644.